Are you unable to log in to the app or getting an "Error Signing Up" when you try to go to an event?

iOS 7 introduced an issue where sometimes the Facebook account that's logged in on your phone is different than the Facebook account you're logged into on the Facebook app.

This is the most likely cause of the sign-up issue and can also affect other apps that login using Facebook, like Tinder & Instagram.

Try these steps to fix:

1. Close down the Vipsy app completely by using the multitask menu.

The multitask menu can be accessed by pressing the home button twice. Then swipe up on the Vipsy screen to close the app.

2. Go to Settings on your phone.

3. Scroll down the list of setting categories and select "Facebook".

4. Make sure you're logged into the correct account.

5. Try use the Vipsy app again.

Still not fixed? You can create a support ticket from the top menu or email